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Fuel Mileage Tuners

The easiest way to increase, adjust, and monitor fuel economy

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Heavy Duty GT Diesel Fuel Mileage Tuner

The HDGT is Bully Dog’s top heavy duty product and represents years of development and ingenuity. The HDGT is every big rig owner's dream. This SAE approved tuner is equipt with a complete gauge package, diagnostics capabilities, and Driving Coach software.

The Heavy Duty GT’s tuning options surpass those offered by competing tuners in customization and selection. Choose between the standard Economy Tune, the Economy+Power Tune or let a Bully Dog trained professional like us create a custom tune tailored to your needs. With the Heavy Duty GT you can monitor live efficiency readings and safety warnings at the same time; Read & clear trouble codes and perform diagnostics on the road without a mechanic; Adjust the top speed limiter; and so much more. The physical installation takes less than 5 minutes.

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Heavy Duty WatchDog Monitor

The Heavy Duty WatchDog is a multifunctional digital gauge pack designed to help truck drivers improve fuel economy, reduce vehicle wear and tear, improve on road safety, and increase utility. The WatchDog is packed with features that provide Fleet managers and owner operators with tools to save money and help improve driver behavior.

Free Internet Updates - Get the latest files for your vehicle with free internet updates.

Note: Bully Dog has teamed up with Gear Master to bring you the Gear Master Shiftometer software to the Heavy Duty WatchDog. The product ships with a Free Trial Version and the unlimited version is available through a simple upgrade.

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Medium Duty GT Fuel Mileage Tuner

Add a fuel mileage tuner for outstanding results

Inspired by Bully Dog's popular HDGT (seen above), the sleek, intuitive Medium Duty GT Tuner increases horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency for tow trucks, tool trucks and medium-duty applications. This tuner features a push-button interface, on-screen virtual gauges, and immersive full-color display help you clear DTC codes, monitor data, and adjust performance with dyno-proven calibrations. Driving Coach and Speed Limiter features enable efficient and safe driving.

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ECM Diesel Tuners

The Bully Dog ECM Tuner is built with simple, easy-to-use performance in mind. This powerful device comes preloaded with the same high performance, dyno-proven tunes as our gauge tuners, except it is designed to be stowed away after installation–simply set it and forget it. The ECM Tuner is able to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes and is equipped with fully customizable Speed Limiter adjustments. Select between 3 preloaded tunes that increase horsepower, torque, and fuel economy, giving your rig the ability to tackle any challenge along the route.

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